The Measure of Consensus

(or The Index of Disagreement)

First and best free consensus tools to check for Consensus Levels and

The Index of Disagreement within groups.


Who We Are?



Yoshio Akiyama, Ph.D.


Dr. Yoshio Akiyama earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. Later, he taught Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Florida State University, and George Washington University. Although Dr. Akiyama is retired, he continues to remain active in mathematics research.


James J. Nolan, Ph.D.


Dr. James J. Nolan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at West Virginia University where he teaches courses on the topic of crime and social control. His research currently focuses on urban policing, intergroup relations, and the measurement of crime. Dr. Nolan was recently appointed to a National Academy of Sciences panel on modernizing the nation’s crime statistics.



Marjorie Darrah, Ph.D.


Dr. Marjorie Darrah is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at West Virginia University. She has 16 years experience in higher education and was previously the Director of Computer Sciences Group at the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation. Her research includes the development of verification and validation techniques for artificial intelligence, the development of adaptive algorithms for the cooperative control of unmanned aerial vehicles, and the development of immersive virtual environments for educational settings.



Mushtaq Abdal Rahem, Ph.D.


Mushtaq Abdal Rahem earned his Ph.D. earned in the department of Mathematics at West Virginia University, USA. He has a mathematics and computer reasearch and teaching experience for more than 14 years. He was a lecture at Al-Nahrain University, Kerbala University and West Virgina University. Dr. Abdal Rahem was one of two Iraqi Doctoral students from across US to receive the prestigious Together for Iraq (TOFIQ) Award at the Iraqi Embassy, Washington DC, US. This award that was given to students who demonstrated great potential in research and who would be good ambassadors after going back to their country. West Virginia University choosen Dr. Abdal Rahem as an ambassador to open first chapter for the university in Iraq. Dr. Abdal Rahem worked with an interdisciplinary team from Sociology, Statistics and Mathematics to co-author of an important article that was published in Information Sciences, a top Elsevier journal. He is the founder of the to be the first free online consensus and disagreement measure. His research interests are in the areas of Fractal Geometry, Neural Network, and Measuring Consensus (Index of Disagreement).